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Book Formatting

Book formatting can often be confused with book editing, but they are two different things. Formatting is how the margins, font and overall structure of the manuscript are properly laid out. For example, if you make a mistake on how the margins are scaled, then you can have text running into the interior binding of the book making it hard to read.

The same thing can be said with the font you choose, the size and the overall reading experience for your customer. Remember the reader wants to sit down and enjoy the words on the page, not be distracted by the font choice you made.

How much does book formatting cost if you are self-published?

This cost can range from roughly $200 to over a couple thousand dollars. This is because manuscripts are different sizes, and the amount of work to be done varies. There are plenty of templates to be found online, and we even have some helpful formatting tips on our Book Puma Services Platform.

How much does book formatting cost if you use a hybrid-publisher?

The cost to format your book with a hybrid publisher, like editing, is baked into the price (included), which means they will charge you a package fee. They will work on your book, help you get it ready and market it for an overall fee. This also means you are fronting a large portion of the cost. Costs to hybrid publish range anywhere from $5K to $20K. Blue Handle is not a Hybrid Publisher, but a traditional small press that hopes to encourage, support and develop great writers as a way to grow and improve the industry.

How much does book formatting cost if you use a traditional publisher?

If you work with a traditional publisher, book formatting, like editing and other services, costs nothing up front to the author, but it does cost in the life of the book. The more a publisher thinks they have to put into the book the less royalties an author is going to make. Typically, an author gets paid an agreed-upon advance by the traditional publisher, makes that money, but nothing until the sales of the book exceed the amount of the advance. Traditional publishing is an investment in the work you created to be edited, formatted and marketed. It’s not just about writing a book, but the audience for it, the timing and more.