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How much does marketing a book cost?

That question can be answered with another question. How much do you got? You laugh, but it’s the truth, you can spend everything you have and then some to market a book. It can range from $100 a month to $100,000 a month depending on the size of the company or person doing the marketing for the book.

How much does it cost to market a book?

If you are self-published it should cost what you can afford. Growing an audience for a book takes time, especially if you aren’t already involved in social media or other platforms that draw attention. If you’re self-publishing, and wondering when to start getting involved with social media, the answer is the time is yesterday. When you’re self publishing, you should find a monthly number you can afford and commit to it for a year, and allocate the proper budgets for spending on Amazon advertising, social media advertising and email blasts.

What about Hybrid-Publishers?

The marketing cost when working with hybrid publishers is often baked into the price (included), which means they will charge you a package fee. They will work on your book, help you get it ready and market it. This also means you, as an author, are fronting a large portion of the cost, anywhere from $5K to $20K. Blue Handle is not a Hybrid Publisher, but a traditional small press that hopes to encourage, support and develop great writers as a way to grow and improve the industry.

What about traditional publishers?

This costs nothing up front to the author, but it can cost in the life of the book. Once a traditional publisher decides to sign you as an author with a royalty advance, the marketing costs nothing from the author’s end. You are leaving it up to the publisher to make marketing decisions and establish a budget, so it is difficult to determine the cost of marketing from the author’s perspective when signed traditionally. Traditional publishing is an investment in the work you created to be marketed. It’s not just about writing a book, but the audience for it, the timing and more.