Book Marketing FAQ

Blue Handle Publishing

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does a book marketer do?
    They tell the world about your book and help you sell copies.
  • How much does a book marketer make?
    Its often a percentage of sales. Some charge flat rates for the service.
  • How do I promote my self-published book?
    Social Media, and many others avenues. Hustle is the key factor.
  • What is a book marketing plan?
    It’s something to follow, to keep you honest and on point in your goals.
  • How do I get my book noticed?
    It needs to be seen. You have to find places people interested in your book would look.
  • Should I hire a marketer for my book?
    Only if your book is ready.  
  • How much does a good publicist cost?
    They aren’t free. If you find a free one, let us know.
  • How do book companies market?
    Through designed and built networks. Traditional and social media avenues
  • What makes a good book publicist?
    Someone who believes in your book and you. That is paramount.
  • Can you sell book ideas?
    Doubt it. But that’s a cool idea!

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