Book Marketing FAQ

Blue Handle Publishing

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why we should publish your book?
    Market Books.
  • How much does a book marketer make?
    Depends on the company or person.
  • How do I promote my self-published book?
    Advertising and marketing. Plenty of cool services out there.
  • What is a book marketing plan?
    Like any plan it's a thought out guide to follow for success.
  • How do I get my book noticed?
    Marketing for starters. It takes eyes on your book and people to review it.
  • Should I hire a marketer for my book?
    If you think it's ready. Often times we are impatient and do this too quick. 
  • How much does a first time author make?
    Most authors, even experienced ones carry other careers.
  • Is writing a book profitable?
    Not for the majority of authors.
  • Is it hard to get a book published?
    Yes. Very hard.
  • Can a self-published book become a bestseller?
    It can, but it's rare.

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