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Book Printing Cost | Blue Handle Publishing

Well, if you want to sell your book you need to print your book? Or do you?

How much does it cost to print a book?

This question depends on the nature of your printing needs and what sort of publishing avenue you are partaking in. Generally, if you are buying it through an offset printer and doing it high-volume it will drastically lower the price than if you print a few books at a time. This also varies because the cost changes based on the type and format of the book you are printing. Is it a children's book with color prints, is it a small book, or is it a large book? How many pages is the book you are hoping to print and what is the design of the book?

How much does it cost to print a book if you are self-publishing?

That cost can be as little as $4 to $6 a book if you are printing a standard fiction novel without pictures and following standard margins. You can easily upload your book into the Amazon or IngramSpark portal to get the exact cost and order books on demand when you need them, though this process often takes 2 weeks (it’s not quick).

What about Hybrid-Publishers?

When working with a hybrid publisher, the printing cost, like all other costs, is often included in the overall price which means they typically charge you a package fee. They will work on your book, help you get it ready and market it for a set amount. This means, as an author, you are fronting a large portion of the cost and this amount can range anywhere from $5K to $20K with hybrid publishing. Blue Handle is not a Hybrid Publisher. We are a traditional small press that wants to encourage, support and develop great writers as a way to grow and improve the industry.

What about traditional publishers?

This costs nothing up front to the author, but it can cost in the life of the book. Once a traditional publisher decides to sign you as an author with a royalty advance, the printing costs nothing from the author’s end. You are leaving it up to the publisher to make printing decisions (initial amounts etc.), so it is difficult to determine the cost of printing from the author’s perspective when signed traditionally. Traditional publishing is an investment in the work you created to be marketed. It’s not just about writing a book, but the audience for it, the timing and more.