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How much does it cost to publish a book?

This is a loaded question. Especially since you are essentially becoming a small business owner if you go down the self-publishing route. If you self-publish, the cost to publish can vary drastically from $100 to all the way north of $10,000. There is a wide array of services out there for self-publishers to use. Some self-published authors have even spent over $50,000 across services, but these can include ghost writers and full fledged marketing initiatives. If you hybrid publish, then the cost depends on the hybrid publisher you choose and the fee you arrange for the services. If you publish traditionally, it costs nothing once they sign you, but to get noticed by a traditional publisher may cost you money and time. There is no right answer to this question.

If you want to publish and get noticed, your success depends on the work you put in, the investment you can put in, and the trust you have that your book can make it. The industry is full of wishes and dreams, but it's action that really separates the top sellers from the dreamers.

What is the cost to publish a book?

If you are self-published?

This cost should never be $0, because you should always copyright your book and use the ISBN services through a company like Bowker. If you are only looking to use your book for marketing and you aren’t concerned with it, then technically you can do it for nothing, but that isn’t the smartest move, especially if your book starts to gain traction. You always want to protect your work so if it kicks off, you can make money in the long run.

What about Hybrid-Publishers?

The actual cost to publish a book with a hybrid publisher is baked into the price (included), which means they will charge you a package fee for editorial, printing, marketing and other services. They will work on your book, help you polish it and market it. The cost of publishing your book depends on which hybrid publisher you choose and the agreed upon overall fee. This means that you as an author are fronting a large portion of the cost. These costs can range anywhere from $5K to $20K. Blue Handle is not a Hybrid Publisher, but a traditional small press that hopes to encourage, support and develop great writers as a way to grow and improve the industry.

What about traditional publishers?

The costs of publishing traditionally are low, provided that you get noticed and form a contract with a traditional publisher, which can be very hard to do. The marketing costs and time and money spent leading up to that depends on the author. There is no right answer to this question. However, once you are signed with a traditional publisher there is no financial liability on the part of the author, unless they take it upon themselves to do some of their own marketing initiatives alongside that of the publisher. Typically, a traditional publisher will handle the editorial, printing, marketing and distribution costs of a book once they sign a contract with you.