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Book Publishing Service | Blue Handle Publishing
Book Publishing

There are plenty of people who simply enjoy writing. To be an official author, you need to publish your work. If you are concerned about your manuscript and how...

How Much Does It Cost To Publish A Book | Blue Handle Publishing
How Much Does it Cost to Publish a Book

The costs associated with publishing a book is one of the most challenging aspects for an author. Finding the right...

Book Marketing | Blue Handle Publishing
Book Marketing

Let’s be straightforward. Marketing is as important as the book itself. If no one sees a book that might be up their alley or reads it, can it ever be defined as great?

eBooks | Blue Handle Publishing

E-Books are the digital embodiment of your book. The beauty of E-books is the low overhead and the mass appeal to them. With the proper resources...

Book Design | Blue Handle Publishing
Book Design

Cover design is very important. People do judge a book by its cover. Though they may not judge the content inside, the cover encourages them to read what’s...

Sell Your Book | Blue Handle Publishing
Sell Your Book

Remember, once you go down the road of selling your book, you are entering into business with a publisher or becoming a business owner. To self-publish is to open...

Book Copyright | Blue Handle Publishing
Book Copyright

An ISBN is simply a way to record your work. To ensure authorship is tracked. Copyright ensures your right as the owner to all rights and privileges of the book. It is very...

Book Genres | Blue Handle Publishing
Book Genres

At Blue Handle Publishing we mainly deal in fiction although we are not opposed to publishing nonfiction. We try to be confident in what we operate in, work...

Book Writing Help | Blue Handle Publishing
Book Writing Help

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Often, the best inspiration comes from living and experiencing life. The more interactions you have with...

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