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What is Book Marketing?

Book marketing is the process of effectively promoting and advertising your book so it gets into the hands and in front of the eyes of potential readers. Marketing efforts are utilized in order to create awareness, and therefore, increase or stimulate sales of the book. Let’s be straightforward. Marketing is as important as the book itself. If no one sees a book that might be up their alley or reads it, can it ever be defined as great? Getting your book into the hands of readers, book stores, and critics is a complex and long process. It takes time for people to read books and formulate a response to new content. Reading is inherently personal, which means getting people to react positively to a new author or new book can be tricky.

Simply put, you need to make a plan and realize it could take years, but if it’s done well and thoughtfully, you can get there. With the right partner (smaller publishers), you can get there a bit quicker, but there is no light switch you can throw on (unless you know someone like Oprah, Ellen or Reese Witherspoon – All who have big book club followings). Always remember that some of the best marketing for your book is a review from a reader that loved it. They will tell friends, post about it and help you grow the book’s following.